Thursday 6 July 2017

Disneyland Paris Trip Report June 2017: Day One

Welcome to another series of Disney trip reports. I love writing these, as they let me re-live the magic for a bit longer when writing them, and they let me re-live the magic for a long time to come whilst looking back and reading them. Does anyone else like doing that? Looking back at their old trip posts. Anyway, enough of my rambling, on to the trip report.

Our day started very very early, with us heading to the airport at 4am for our flight at 6:10. The airport and journey to Disney was pretty uneventful, apart from us having to walk pretty fast to the TGV, but as soon as we got there, we were engulfed by the magic. We went and got ready for the day in the parks in the Disneyland Hotel, put our bags in the concierge, and then took a lovely walk down Main Street for our first glimpse of the castle. After an emotional couple of minutes, we went towards Hyperspace Mountain. We knew we wanted to go on it at least once that day, because it was closed for the rest of the time we were there, so we got a fastpass and then got in the queue also. And, oh my god, it was the best ride I've ever been on in my whole life! I absolutely love it!

After we'd been on Hyperspace Mountain, we headed in to the Disneyland Hotel again for our reservation at the Inventions Sunday brunch, via the hotel shop for me to get a pen. It was my first time at the brunch, and, Lordy it was amazing. The food was divine, and the characters were seriously the best. We actually got really lucky and got an under the sea themed brunch whilst we were bounding as mermaids. It was such a happy coincidence and the character interactions were wonderful. We met ten characters in the two hours we were there, and it was so magical. 

After Inventions, we went on Hyperspace Mountain again and got a parade spot. After the parade, we saw that there was a short queue for Snow White in the Princess Pavillion, and, as Snow is Sammy's favourite princess, we knew we had to go in to meet her. We had a brilliant interaction again, and it has honestly changed my opinion on Snow White. After that, we went on Thunder Mountain and the teacups, and then watched our first Starlit Princess Waltz of the trip. We then went and did a bit of shopping and had a Casey's before Illuminations. After that, we headed back to the Kyriad and went to sleep ready for an early alarm for Extra Magic Hours the next day.


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