Monday 17 July 2017

You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Blouse- Primark
Skirt- Topshop

An outfit post! I feel like I've not properly done one of these in ages! I bought a couple of new Topshop items last week though, so I thought I'd show them off, and first up is this floral skirt. It's not often that I will buy an item of clothing that has black as it's main colour, but the florals on this skirt are what made the difference with this skirt. They are such a beautiful colour and pattern, and I knew as soon as I tried it on that I would be getting it. It will be perfect for Summer parties and just general Summer activities, as it's not too tight. Here I just paired it with a simple white blouse for a day of looking round the shops, but I plan on wearing it for picnics and the like too.


ps. I desparately needed to cut my fringe in these photos, thankfully I've sorted that out now.

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