Monday 7 August 2017

Walt Disney World Planning 1: Booking

It is now exactly nine months until I fly to Walt Disney World, so I thought I would start a monthly planning series to build up my excitement even more. I thought I'd start with a short post today all about booking the holiday. So here we go.

I'm going with Lee for two weeks from the 7th-21st May 2018, so I'm there for my actual 30th birthday on the 9th. We are staying onsite at the Coronado Springs hotel, which is one of the moderate hotels. I booked it whilst one of the free dining offers was on, and I upgraded from the quick service plan to the Disney dining plan. I also booked with the $200 gift card offer, and because I got a referral, I got an extra $100, meaning that I have a $300 gift card when I get there.

I also have a very rough plan of what I want to do, which I will go in to more detail about in next month's instalment, but the rough plan, so as to not overwhelm Lee with Disney, is to do 10 days in the Disney parks, 2 at Universal (purely for Harry Potter), and 2 days of pool/water park/shopping time.

So that was the first one of this series, as I plan more these posts will get longer, but at the minute I'm just saving saving saving.


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