Monday 1 January 2018

Looking Back on 2017, and On to 2018

Happy new year everyone!
It seems to be a little tradition of mine now to forget to post my yearly round up posts on January 1st, and this year is the same, so here I am with my 2017 yearly review.

My year started with a cinema trip to see Silence, and a very cold January day trip to Buxton, as it’s somewhere Lee had wanted to go to for ages, February was a quiet month, but then March brought my first Disneyland Paris trip of the year with my wonderful friend Rachel. April was an absolutely amazing month; not only did Lee and I take a trip to Nice, but I got to experience the actual 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. In May we went to MCM Expo, and in June we went to a con outside of London; BFCCC. I also went back to Disneyland Paris in June with Rachel, Sammy and Jade.

July- December 
In July we went to another con, LFCC, and I took Lee to the Platform 9 3/4 shop. August saw a trip to Amsterdam and a stay in a boat, and I also witnessed the delight that was Angels in America. In September myself and Lee got the chance to dress up for two occasions; my dance teacher’s 40th and a wedding. In October I went to Disneyland Paris for Halloween, and went to my first ever Disney meet at MCM. Finally, November and December were two lovely festive months, and we went to see The Last Jedi, meaning I managed to book-end my year with Adam Driver.

On to 2018, and I’m not one to set unrealistic goals on January 1st, but I have a few little things I’d like to do this year. My main goal/resolution this year is really just to live my best life, and I started as I mean to go on by planning a trip to Paris next month. Also I’m going to Disneyland Paris this weekend too, so there’s that.


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