Tuesday 20 February 2018

Outfits of Paris

So, as you will/may know, I went on a short trip to Paris last week during my week off work, and, as this is me, I managed to get a couple of pictures of my outfits, so today I thought I would share the outfits with you.

Day one- Disneyland Paris. I wanted to base my Disneyland Paris day outfit on Star Wars, seeing as we were there for Season of the Force. My top and jumper are from Primark, and the skirt is from BooHoo. The t-shirt is actually a pyjama top but I thought it was perfect with the general colour palette that my clothes fall in to.

Day two- Paris. I was originally going to wear this outfit on Valentine’s Day, but I changed my mind as it was freezing on the second day. The dress and coat are from Topshop, the jumper is from Uniqlo, and the beret is from eBay.

Day three- Paris. The last day in Paris wasn’t quite as cold as the second day, so I wore this wonderfully European outfit. The tip and skirt are both from Topshop, the scarf is that old that I don’t even remember where it was from, and the beret is actually from Paris.

I hope this was a good way to show my outfits; I don’t tend to make time to take a lot of outfit photos when I’m in Paris.


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