Wednesday 28 February 2018

The Walt Disney Studios News

Yesterday Disneyland Paris made the biggest announcement since 1992, and it had DLP Twitter in a practical meltdown. The news; there is going to be a huge expansion of the Walt Disney Studios Park, with an addition of three new lands! The news was announced by Bob Iger, in a meeting with Emmanuel Macron, and it is set to cost €2 billion, with the roll out starting in 2021. The lands are going to be based on Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars, and there will also be a lake for shows and entertainment. 

The details are pretty much just that at the minute, but it’s safe to say that this promises to be a fantastic expansion, and will potentially make the Walt Disney Studios an absolutely fantastic park. I for one am extremely excited, I had to sit down on a sofa in the middle of Waterstones when I read it. It means that the future for our beloved Disneyland Paris will indeed be very bright. 

Sorry if this was a bit rambly, but I’m very excited about this. Bear in mind that I’m currently writing this about an hour after hearing the news.


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