Wednesday 21 March 2018

Things I Love About Spring

I love Spring, it is without a doubt my favourite season. I just love everything about the season, so today I thought I’d talk about a couple of my absolute favourite things about the Spring season.

1. It’s not Winter anymore.
Ok, starting with the obvious here, but, other than Christmas, I really, really dislike the Winter. So, when it finally starts to go away, my mood starts to lift instantly. The weather may not exactly be boiling at the minute, but it does get nice in the UK in Spring (sometimes even nicer than Summer) so I look forward to that every March.

2. Spring clothes.
Florals for Spring may not impress Miranda Priestly, but I love them. Ditsy florals, floaty skirts and tea dresses are my favourite things to wear in all the world, and the fact that they’re everywhere (and in lovely pastel hues) in Spring is one of my favourite things.

3. Sakura/Cherry Blossom
Yep, a tree has made the list. If you know me, you’ll know that adorable pink flowers whose petals fall all over you is right up my street, so I get very excited for these beauties to pop up everywhere during Spring, and they fill my Instagram without fail every year.

4. Spring cleaning 
I have always believed that Spring cleaning is good for the soul, whether it’s actual physical cleaning/tidying, or clearing out your mind, Spring is a great time to do this. Especially when the April showers hit.

5. Creme Egg McFlurrys
This one is really about Easter chocolate in general, but Creme Egg McFlurrys are my actual favourite food, so they deserved their own space on my small list.

As I said at the start of this blog post, I absolutely adore Spring, so putting together this list wasn’t at all tricky, but there are plenty of other things that I love about Spring, it is my favourite season, hands down.


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