Friday 27 April 2018

Disneyland Paris Day Four

Day four was our final day in Disneyland Paris, and we started the day in the Walt Disney Studios Park, where we went on Tower of Terror, and my dad and sister went on Aerosmith, and we met Hiro Hamada and Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde!! I literally speedwalked to where they were meeting, and I actually went in the Hiro queue twice, as we were only allowed to have two photos each.

After this, we went back in to the main park, went on a couple more rides, had some lunch (where I tried the Pirates gateaux) and went in some shops, as last day shopping always has to be a thing. My mum also won a voucher in the magical days draw so she wanted to spend that. After the parade we went into the Disney Village, where we had food and cocktails, and looked in a few more shops, before we watched our final Illuminations of the trip.


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