Sunday 13 May 2018


Long time no blog over here, I do apologise, I have been busy though, and there’ll be regular content again from here on in. Ok time to talk about today’s post. I recently took a trip to Bordeaux for my 30th birthday, and we managed to pack a fair bit in to the two days we were there, so I thought I’d write a post about it.

We arrived in Bordeaux at 12:52, after taking a TGV train from Paris (which lead to some stunning views of the French countryside), and we decided to first get some lunch in a red top cafe before heading to check in to our hotel. After we’d checked in, we went for a wander, and found an impressive church and town hall building with a few cafes in the area, and, seeing as it was happy hour, we decided to stop for a glass of wine before more sightseeing. Then, as we weren’t overly hungry after our huge lunch, and because our hotel room was actually also a self catering apartment, we bought some pasta and some meats and cheeses, and baguette, and went back to the hotel with a bottle of wine, ready for our second day.

The second day started off with a lot more sightseeing, we did over 25,000 steps on that one day, where we saw the miroir d’eau, the most famous non-wine related thing in Bordeaux, and it was amazing. We then went  and had lunch and did some wine tasting, which was a great way to spend my birthday afternoon. Then we did more sightseeing, ticking off various places on the free map/guide we got from our hotel, and when we were heading back in the direction of our hotel to get ready for tea, we saw a dance group doing tango demonstrations outside a cafe, so we watched them for a while, before having a wonderful evening meal and more wine and cheese (well, if you can’t do that in Bordeaux then where can you?) we then grabbed some more wine for a nightcap, and went to bed very happy, and having had a brilliant little trip for my birthday.


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