Friday 21 June 2019

Disneyland Paris June 2019: Day One

I’m here with another trip report series for you; this time it’s Disneyland Paris from the start of June, but next time it’ll be a slightly longer series from Walt Disney World, which, if you didn’t know already, I visit for the first time ever in just 19 days! Anyway, on with the trip reports for this past trip.

We arrived at about lunch time as usual, and started our holiday with Sam’s favourite; BB8 burgers from Cafe Hyperion, and then our traditional first ride of the trip; Star Tours. After that we rode on Hyperspace Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, got some ice cream from Fantasia Gelati (they’ve gotten rid of the Fantasia flavour) and headed over to Phantom Manor. I’d not been on this ride in a very long time, and I really enjoyed the changes they’ve made to it in its long refurbishment period, it’s certainly rejuvenated my love for it. 

After riding on Phantom Manor, we went on some Fantasyland rides whilst we waited for the parade. After that, I saw that Rapunzel was in the Princess Pavilion so we went and met her. Meeting Rapunzel is always so much fun and this time was no different, and I’m very glad we saw her. After we met Punzie, we went for hot dogs and did some browsing/shopping before calling it a day. We couldn’t last until 11pm for the fireworks as we were both really tired from getting up at 4:30, so we walked back to HiPark and had an early night.


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