Sunday 1 February 2015

Curing The Winter Blues Part 4: Planning

With the end of Winter on the horizon, I thought I'd share another curing the Winter blues post, you can see part one, part two and part three here. The latest idea I had about curing the Winter blues came to me when I was booking a trip to London; planning things. Whether it's weekends away, outdoors-y things, or even just going to a local park for a picnic, planning things to do when the warmer months finally get here is a great way to spend an afternoon when the constant cold that Winter brings starts getting you down. 

Lee and I have already planned a few things for the year, including going back to our favourite city in the world: Paris. We've planned small things too though, like playing tennis and going to parks and days out. It's certainly helped me get through this cold snap. 


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  1. enjoy London ( I live there) :)