Saturday 7 March 2015

Spring Bucket List

For the past couple of days it has really started to feel like Spring. It's been lighter, it's been warmer (finally!) and my general mood has been happier. So what better day to post my Spring bucket list. I've done one of these for Autumn and Winter, and kind of failed so far, so I'm determined to do all the things on this list.

1. Go on holiday/ take a trip
We are planning on going to Paris in May, so that's the holiday bit taken care of, but I also love going on day trips in Spring, so I'm hoping we'll go on a fair few of those too.

2. Make some Easter treats
I love baking, and any time there's a holiday or occasion, themed baking is my favourite thing to do. So, with Easter around the corner, I plan on making some treats.

3. Celebrate mine & Lee's birthdays in style
We always like to make a bit of an effort for our birthdays, and since they're about 10 days apart, I'm going to make sure we have a great time on both days.

Image from Briar Rose

4. Make Megan's Easter nests
These Easter nests of Megan's look divine, and I'm planning on making them this year.

5. Pick flowers
6. Plant flowers
These two go hand in hand, flowers are the most Spring-like thing I can think of, so picking them and planting them were obviously going to feature on this list. Any recommendations on which flowers to plant are welcome.

7. Make another costume
Lee and I are planning on going to Comic Con in May, so that means dressing up. I'm planning on making different costumes for each day.

8. Buy a boater hat
Boater hats are my favourite warm weather hats, but the one I have is a fancy dress, one size fits all job, so I want to get one that actually fits me.

9. Go for a picnic
This is my number one Spring past time, so this one will 100% be completed.

10. Discover a new park.
As big park fans, myself and Lee have been to pretty much all the parks in the local area, but this Spring I want to look really hard to find a new one.

That's my Spring bucket list, fingers crossed it gets completed. You can follow my Spring inspiration over on Pinterest here


Images from Pinterest and Briar Rose


  1. You may still be able to plant daffodils, but they look like they’re coming up already. It’s not a flower, but now’s a good time to plant strawberry plants so you have some for the summer.

    I can’t wait for it to get a little bit warmer for picnics and day trips. I like going to National Trust places as some can have lovely grounds for picnics and for walking.

    I kind of want to paint my bike yellow and put a pretty basket and ribbon on it now!

    Debbie x

  2. Oh I deffo need to bake some easter treats this year, I've seen so many recipes I want to try but need to find some time!