Thursday 16 April 2015

Princess Aurora Cosplay: Inspiration

Back in January, myself and Lee decided that we will be going to MCM Expo in May (Lee loves comics/graphic novels, I love the idea of dressing up as Disney characters in real life), a decision which came with a need to make some costumes. After deciding to make an Elsa costume, I needed to think of a second one, and I thought my favourite princess was an easy choice. But which outfit of Aurora's to choose? I originally thought of doing Briar Rose after seeing Megan's stunning photographs, but I didn't want to copy her, so I decided to do an actual Aurora dress, and after realising that I'd have to get some blue fabric for Elsa, I decided on blue (even though I do prefer her in pink). 

So now I have just over a month to complete it, wish me luck!


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