Friday 3 May 2019

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

A few weeks ago now was Easter weekend, and the first time I’d had the weekend off in a long time. The weather was beautiful, which was lucky for the family thing we had to do first. We walked up to the top of a hill in the nearby countryside, then a bit of extended family time in a pub, before we headed home to make the most of the lovely weather and have a barbecue.

The next day was Easter Sunday, and myself, Sam, and my immediate family decided to go on a day trip to Whitby. Whitby was a lovely place, and we walked by the Abbey, saw some local sights, went for a walk along the beach, and had fish and chips for lunch. We then drove back and watched a couple of films. When bank holiday Monday arrived, having had a couple of very busy days, Sam and I decided to have a chilled day and have a picnic in one of our local parks. We also swapped Easter eggs that we bought for half price from Asda.


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