Thursday 17 October 2019

Artbox Cafe Brighton

When Sam and I went down south to visit his family, I knew that one of the things I most wanted to do was visit the Artbox Cafe in Brighton. We planned the visit with Cara and off we went.

The cafe is located just off the front in Brighton, and we were eager to go as it is a themed cafe, with the theme changing every few months. The first theme is Pusheen, and it could not have been cuter.

You enter the cafe, which is a Pusheen ice cream parlour, into a shop selling all things Pusheen and an ice cream serving area for takeaways, and you go up the most adorable sea foam green and baby pink staircase to the actual cafe. We were very lucky and got a window seat, which made for amazing photos. The menu was adorable and had so many lovely dessert items to choose from. We chose to share a waffle and a sundae between the three of us, and we all got a mocktail each. The food was so yummy, a perfect size to split between the three of us, and they were also great with making everything vegan for Cara.

We were also in awe at how downright adorable the place was, it was a kawaii dream come true. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get a dessert in the cutest setting, but just a word of warning, you will probably have to go and get a time slot for a bit later, as it is very busy, especially on the day we chose to go. It is absolutely worth the wait though.


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