Saturday 7 May 2016

April Favourites

I don't have a lot of favourites this month because I didn't buy a lot (but I did treat myself to a holiday, so there's that) so I've only got a few to show you, but here they are.

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.
I am so happy that I've got an annual pass. Last July, I rediscovered my love for Dosneyland Paris, and now I can go for a whole year, yay.

Disneyland Paris 2016 pin.
I have wanted this pin since Hanuary, but wanted to get it in the parks rather than ordering it online. So I was delighted when I found it in one shop.

Disney Traditions Rapunzel figurine.
I have a love/hate relationship with the Disney Traditions figurines, I'm not a huge fan of all of them, but I do love this Rapunzel and Pascal one, so when I had the Disney blues last week, I went and bought it.

Les Miserables.
Continuing with my Victor Hugo book-buying last month, this month I found I had enough stamps on my Waterstones stamp card to get a £10 voucher, so I used it to get Les Miserables.

Yankee Candle tealights.
I don't think I can last a month without buying candles anymore. I originally set out to buy a couple of votives this month, but when I got to the shop I thought, you know what I've not had in a while: tealights. So I got these Strawberry Buttercream ones.

And that's it.


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