Tuesday 24 January 2017

A Day in Buxton

A couple of days ago, me and Lee decided to do something different than the norm and go on a day trip. We wanted somewhere cheap and local (because, January) and so we decided on Buxton; a little spa town about an hour's bus ride away (and home of Buxton water) so, we got on the bus and went. 

Upon our arrival, we were actually really hungry, so we went in search of somewhere to eat. After walking past, and ruling out, a few pubs, we settled on a lovely little Italian just off the main road, where we got two courses for £8.99, which was very affordable, and the food was delicious. Nice and full, we headed back out to explore. 

Lee's first idea was to go to the Pavillion Gardens, which were lovely. The gardens were set out like a typical Victorian park, with a beautiful bandstand , fountain and greenery everywhere. There was also a miniature railway, which obviously wasn't running because it was too cold. The pavillion itself was a gorgeous building. We then went and saw the Opera House and the Baths, which were also wonderful, despite the baths now being a shopping arcade. I bet they were gorgeous when they were actual baths. I really wanted to see the Crescent, but they were scaffolded as they were being worked on. 

We wandered around for a couple more hours, taking in the sights, and sampling some nice and pure water, before heading home before it got too dark, fully planning on returning in the Summer, to see what it is like with everything up and running. All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours, and we've definitely got more to see and do there, so we will definitely be returning.


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