Friday 13 April 2018

Disneyland Paris Bucket List: April

You guessed it; I’m going back to Disneyland Paris next week. I’m going with my family as an early birthday present, so this trip might be a bit different than usual, but a new trip means a new bucket list, so here is my list for this four day trip.

1. Enter the Very Very Magical Days every day.
2. Watch all the Pirates and Princesses Entertainment.
3. Try the Pirates and Princesses snacks.
4. Eat in a restaurant.
5. Get some of the new Parisian themed ears.
6. Try and meet Moana.
7. Try and meet the characters that are themed to each of my day’s outfits.
8. Get some good photos of the Pirates and Princesses shows.
9. Try a regular flavoured Glowtini.
10. Attempt to go on all the rides.

Hopefully I’ll do most of these things.


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