Wednesday 18 March 2015

Liquid Luck

Dress- New Look
Blouse- Primark
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- Jilly Jilly
Lipstick- MAC Cinderella

First of all, how amazing is this Felix Felicis necklace? I am a massive Harry Potter fan, I'm actually re reading the books at the moment (I'm up to Goblet of Fire, in case you were wondering), and, to cheer myself up one day at the start of the month, I decided to treat myself to it. I love how it has a little sorting hat, I'm going to try and teach it to say Slytherin. I'm fully aware it's a necklace, don't worry, muggles. Anyway, I promise this is the last outfit from Lee's back garden, I actually took some somewhere else for my next outfit post.

I decided to pair the necklace with something that almost looks a bit uniform-y, with the dress and collar. No? Just me? I can definitely imagine Hermione wearing this in her downtime, when it was all homework, homework, homework. That girl is super cool. I got this dress back when everyone was buying the grey midi ones from Topshop, I had a voucher, and this New Look one was a far better price. It has seen me through a couple of Summers now, and it's still going strong. Now, back to the world of Hogwarts I go.



  1. Gorgeous outfit! Perfect for spring xx

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you, here's hoping the weather takes note soon x

  2. Super cute outfit, love your dress! :)

    Natasha |